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Real Engineers Believe in Front End Marketing

Real Engineers 
Believe in Front End Marketing
By Thomas J. Vaughan Jr., P.E.


Real Engineers
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"Marketing Strategy: The Marketing Budget"
    handout - PDF, 2 pages, 0.35 MB
    transcript and slides - PDF, 33 pages, 4 MB

  "Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?"
Fundamentals of the M/E Ratio™ and more case studies
    Download the reprint in PDF - 28-pages, 0.7 MB
    On-line version


"Why good products fail"
By Robert Weisman, Boston Globe
    article, Business Intelligence column


Neat Technology, But Who Will Buy It?
A play in three acts:

Act 1 Death and Despair
Act 2 New Models and Hope
Act 3 the Prediction

A cast of luminaries portray themselves and other current - and historical - people with extraordinary technology; to relate their personal triumphs and failures regarding the impact of Market Research - or lack thereof - in their businesses.  Includes "appearances" by

  • Percy Spencer, inventor of the microwave oven - portrayed by his grandson, Rod Spencer
  • Michael Dell of Dell Computer
  • An Wang of Wang Laboratories
  • Ken Olsen of DEC


"Marketing, the Bridge
for Growing from 
Engineer to Entrepreneur"
By Stanley N. Lapidus

Data Evidence of the relationship between investment in upstream marketing and success

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