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Real Engineers Believe in Front End Marketing

Real Engineers 
Believe in Front End Marketing
By Thomas J. Vaughan Jr., P.E.


Real Engineers
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Please welcome Tom Vaughan to marketingVP.com.

I have known Tom as a regular attendee of meetings of the Entrepreneurs' Network (IEEE ENET) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).  We of ENET have all welcomed Tom in his role as Chairman of a sister organization, the IEEE Boston Consultants Network.

Recently, Rob Weisman of the Boston Globe wrote an article, "Why good products fail" about my research, about the Grabowski Ratio™.  As a good reporter and writer, Rob independently found and interviewed Tom for his comments.  Somehow, a short newspaper article might not convey the full intent of those interviewed.

Tom is taking this opportunity to more fully express his thoughts.

Ralph Grabowski


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