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Professional Practice - Ralph E. GrabowskiHelped launch new products, companies, and more than seven new fields which have become worth over twenty-five Billion dollars.

Retired temporary executive and Marketing Consultant, specializing in front-end marketing leadership to steer technology-based enterprises to success.

Have written about Marketing, taught Marketing, and researched how Marketing contributes to success.  The surprising, counterintuitive evidence shows that successful technology-based enterprises invest more in Market Research than in engineering.  

"Your evidence of the relationship between Market Research and success is right on!  Dell's Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ is North of 1.5."  Michael S. Dell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation.

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"Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?"

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  • Find out why companies fail and how to make yours successful

  • Learn the only formula to budget front-end Marketing

  • Discover the one dimension that matters

  • See the surprising, counterintuitive data


Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?
"Tools to Convince Management of Your Investment in the Voice of the Customer" 
Boston Product Management Association (bpma), PDF

How do product managers justify their time to management, acquire sufficient resources, and develop a budget for front-end marketing?  How much, exactly, is needed?

Customer understanding is inherent in the role of product manager and mandatory for success.  Yet the time allocation, resources, and budget for acquiring customer input is rarely, if ever, explicit in the job description.  Investing in Voice of the Customer (VoC) might not even be a listed task.

Mr. Grabowski will reveal surprising, counterintuitive data and a unique formula for the significant investment required to hear the Voice of the Customer, for budgeting and staffing front-end marketing, and to achieve business success.
  • Not "Why," not "How To," but "How Much?"
  • Not "Invest to Understand Customer Needs," but "Tools to Convince Management!"
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