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Marketing is an investment

Investment evidence
the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (M/E Ratio™)

"Your evidence of the relationship between Market Research and success is right on!  Dell's M/E Ratio™ is North of 1.5."  Michael S. Dell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation




The evidence

"The message in 'The evidence' is clear, concise, and powerful!  Every company's President, and every member of the Board, should be required to look at these results."  Peter Eggleston, formerly of Amerinex Applied Imaging.

"I think that your conclusions are correct, Ralph.  I'm struck by the singular difference, by the gap in the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ between the failures and successes.  The dichotomy falls right out of the data."  Bob Kern, CFO, Hampshire Instruments


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More than $1 Trillion is represented either in value creation by the successes, or in capital squandering by the failures.  The human impact has been more than 400,000 jobs created by the winners, or lost by the basket cases; and more than 150,000 engineering slots fashioned or vanished.

The data are consistent from the 1940s into the 2000s, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, in both new fields and in old ones, and across a broad range of technology-based enterprises.

Click for an enlarged chart with the evidence; listing company names, products, and dates.  Opens in a new window.

Download a 1-page printable version of the evidence - PDF, 0.1 Mb.


    Figure 1, the relationship of the Marketing*/Engineering Investment Ratio™ with success
    (*) excludes promoting and selling 

    Figure 2, enlarged detail with company names, opens in new window

    PDF of Figure 2, one page printable detail of the evidence, 0.1 MB


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