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"I attended MIT's annual entrepreneurship course taught by Ralph Grabowski.  His Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ method and his other teachings became the cornerstone of the Atlantis Components' marketing plan.  The effort which we put into the marketing side of the business paid off handsomely - we now have a product that people want to buy!" 

Tom Cole, President of Atlantis Components, was honored by the MIT Enterprise Forum with an invitation to present his company's business case at one of their Startup Sessions.  After his delivery, he presented these conclusions to the audience of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business people.


"I intend to come to your future talks, as I enjoy watching you present.  Both your content and style are worth the time."

Kenneth E. Shostack, a businessman from Savyon, Israel specializing in multi-national, technology-based enterprises


"Dear Professor Grabowski, 

"Enclosed please find copies of one of our reprints highlighted the way that you showed us in class.  I will be using these reprints and many of your teachings in our marketing efforts. 

"I greatly enjoyed your course and hope that future students will benefit as much as I did.  For all that you taught me, I remain your grateful student."

Michael Szycher, Ph.D. MD MBA, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CardioTech in Woburn, MA writes about his application of my teaching to his company's needs, during a Suffolk University Executive MBA course.


"It was a pleasure to talk with you personally at the IEEE Entrepreneurs' Network meeting this week.  The methods I learned from you have made significant contributions to my entrepreneurial success.

"I have attended the MIT Enterprise Forum for a number of years, especially during the startup phase of Microwave Logic, as well as attending your MIT Enterprise Forum Spring Workshop.  The course went beyond mere theory; it proved to be practical as well as enjoyable.  For example, you describe the techniques you used to grow Brooks Automation in the 'Marketing, Promotion, and Selling' portion.  The colorful cover-page stories for their new product roll out really struck me as a powerful yet inexpensive tool.  [See the vignette about repositioning Brooks Automation for dynamic growth.]

"Your methods work!  I immediately applied them to enable our small company to gain market attention.  Your procedures helped Microwave Logic in initiating our OEM business relationship with Tektronix.  Last year, Tektronix acquired Microwave Logic.

"I am very happy!  I achieved my entrepreneurial goals of rapid growth; from basement startup to sales of over $10 million and a cash-out by acquisition, in less than six years.  Our investors are very happy, especially Morgan, Holland Ventures Corp. [now OneLiberty Ventures] and Aspen Venture Partners, L.P."

Paul T. Chang founded Microwave Logic Inc. in Chelmsford, MA and cashed out in an acquisition by Tektronix.  He describes his success applying my methods.


"You gave me the tools." 

Paul Rosenstein, MIT Sloan School of Management class of '99, summarized his learning experience during MIT's annual entrepreneurship course, "Starting And Running A High Tech Company,


These thoughts are shared with the permission of my pupils.

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