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Ralph E. Grabowski

My Work

I have helped launch new products, companies, and fields 
which have become worth more than ten Billion dollars.


Five Pursuits

The body of work in my professional career is built around a commitment to five mutually-reinforcing pursuits,  all focused on the up-front Marketing process for technology-based enterprises:

  1. Practice 
    as a Marketing Consultant for established companies, 
    as a temporary executive for turnarounds and revivals, and 
    as a VP of Marketing for startups.
  2. Support the institutions of technology-based business and entrepreneurship.
  3. Write about Marketing.
  4. Research how Marketing drives successful technology-based enterprises.
  5. Teach Marketing.

This web side is a resource for entrepreneurs and technology-based enterprises.  Click for more about my work in PDF format, 1 page, 0.04 MB.


1 - Professional Practice

I focus on the front-end, fact-gathering, analytical Marketing process for technology-based enterprises; and have helped launch new products, new companies, and new fields which have become worth more than ten Billion dollars.  I practice both as a staff consultant and in a line manager role.  

Although my client efforts are confidential, a few companies have agreed to share their payback and results:

Cytyc startup to $6.2 Billion acquisition
Brooks repositioning for dynamic growth; $2.1 million to $1.6 Billion
Phoenix steered the enterprise to market domination as VP of Marketing
Veeco saved $1 million in ten days
Kodak "You identified our problem, and our solution, in the first hour!"
Acugen  startup to world market dominance in 18 months with no capital


2 - Support for Institutions

I have supported the institutions of entrepreneurship and of technology-based enterprise.

MIT Enterprise Forum panelist
MIT Enterprise Forum Fall Workshop
MIT Enterprise Forum Spring Workshop
Board, Medical Development Group (MDG)
Sponsor of the IEEE Entrepreneurs' Network
Educational Counselor, MIT Admissions Office
Co-founder of  MIT's entrepreneurship program
Co-founder of the world's first IEEE Robotics Chapter
Co-founder, North Shore Technology Council (NSTC)
Co-founder of Technology Capital Network (TCN) at MIT
Co-founder of MIT Sloan School of Management graduate 
       course,  "Starting And Running A High Tech Company"
Built the Marketing sequence for the National SBIR program
MIT trained electrical engineer with thesis in image processing
Mentor - MIT Enterprise Forum of Japan Business Plan Contest
Sponsor and Mentor - MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition
Taught or Mentored four teams who won MIT's $100K Grand Prize
Winner, Fall $1K Biotechnology category, MIT $100K Competition
Marketing Advisory Council, Suffolk University School of Management
Developed "An Approach For Semiconductor Equipment Firms" for SEMI
Created "Marketing, Promoting, And Selling On The Internet" for the IEEE
Co-Chairman, MIT Enterprise Forum, Marketing and Membership Committee
Merrimack Valley Venture Forum (MVVF) playwright, producer, and director
Adjunct Professor , Suffolk University School of Management, Executive MBA Program
Invented the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ for the MIT Enterprise Forum
Project Judge, undergraduate and graduate Design courses, MIT Mechanical Engineering Department


3 - Write About Marketing

The Marketing Leadership Series is a special grouping of papers that stand out and which, taken together, demonstrate how Marketing (as differentiated from promoting and selling) delivers leadership to all aspects of the corporation.

I have delivered (click for list) more than one hundred published papers, invited presentations, and courses taught for universities, institutions, and professional societies including:

Adjunct Professor, Suffolk University Sawyer School of Management, Executive MBA Program
Boston University MBA with concentration in Innovation and Technology
New Ventures Association (NVA) of MIT's Sloan School of Management
Boston College Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)
Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC)
Product Development and Management Association (PDMA)
Merrimack Valley Venture Forum (MVVF) at UMass/Lowell
BU School of Management, Technology Commercialization
Greater Nashua Software Entrepreneurs Group (GNSEG)
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)
The Corporate Board, Journal of Corporate Governance
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Venture Forum
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA)
Boston Product Management Association (BPMA)
Software Association of New Hampshire (SwANH)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT Sloan Graduate School of Management
Entrepreneurs' Network (ENET) of the IEEE
American Marketing Association (AMA)
MIT Enterprise Forum Spring Workshop
Automated Imaging Association (AIA)
Sales and Marketing Executives (SME)
MIT Enterprise Forum Fall Workshop
128 Venture Capital Group (128VCG)
Medical Development Group (MDG)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
MIT Enterprise Forum

More articles and presentations, by guest authors, are hosted on this site to provide additional resources.


4 - Research the Impact of Marketing on Success

Why do some new products take off, while others don't sell at all?  What is the origin of super success or flaming failure?

Unique research, initiated at the request of the MIT Enterprise Forum, demonstrates that successful technology-based enterprises invest more in market research than in engineering.  Companies which do not invest in market research fail.  The implication is a fundamental shift in management attention and investment commitment toward decisive, upstream marketing.

  • Find out why companies fail and how to make yours successful

  • Learn the only formula to budget front-end Marketing

  • Discover the one dimension that matters

  • See the surprising, counterintuitive data

"Earth shaking data!  Wakes people up."
David English, Greater Nashua Software Entrepreneurs' Group (GNSEG)

"I just hope that the technologists read this!"
Marilyn Joly, Computer Associates

"Your evidence of the relationship between Market Research and success is right on!"  Michael S. Dell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation.

"The message in 'the Evidence' is clear, concise, and powerful!  Every company's President, and every member of the Board, should be required to look at these results."  Peter Eggleston, formerly of Amerinex Applied Imaging.


Research Priority

I am looking for more "super success" data.


5 - Teach Marketing

I teach because the act of teaching impels a depth of understanding and crispness of communication of the fundamentals of marketing.  I teach because this provides a platform to create, develop, and articulate advanced methods and processes in marketing.  I teach because I support and give to my community of business people, entrepreneurs, and technologists.  I teach because it nourishes and reinforces my practice, helping me to serve my clients and companies better.

I have taught at MIT not only because I received my engineering degree there, but also because MIT is a leading institution of science, engineering, business, and entrepreneurship.  Teaching at MIT has enabled me to learn how to teach technologists the entrepreneurial process, the upstream marketing process, and the relationship between marketing and engineering.

Click for my teaching program and guest lectures.
Read about MIT's entrepreneurship program.
See what students say.

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