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"Neat Technology, But Who Will Buy It?"
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Neat Technology, But Who Will Buy It?
A play in three acts:
Act 1 Death and Despair
Act 2 New Models and Hope
Act 3 the Prediction

A cast of luminaries, including the father of the semiconductor wafer stepper and the Runner-Up in the 2004 MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition, portray themselves and other current - and historical - people with extraordinary technology; to relate their personal triumphs and failures regarding the impact of Market Research - or lack thereof - in their businesses.

"Technology is not important!"  Robert J. Shillman, Ph.D., Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of Cognex

"How To Raise $100 Million"
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How To Raise $100 Million
a joint presentation with Stanley N. Lapidus, who reveals how he has  raised more than $250 million to launch new enterprises which have achieved a market capitalization of $4 Billion.

Mr. Grabowski will examine why Stan has been so extraordinarily successful.  Ralph draws on Stan's failures, his successes, and other data to create a new method, the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (M/E Ratio™), to guide startups.  The surprising, counterintuitive evidence shows that successful technology-based enterprises invest more in market research than in engineering.

"A New Financial Ratio"
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PDF reprint
A New Financial Ratio
Electronic Business Magazine.

"Hits the mark.  You formalized what others have felt [about marketing and market research] but could not articulate as well as you did."  Bruce Rayner, Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Business Magazine.


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Marketing Leadership Series
More papers and presentations
List of papers and presentations
About the author

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