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"Neat Technology, But Who Will Buy It?"

Neat Technology, 
But Who Will Buy It?

a play in 3 acts with a cast of luminaries


Opening Night

Merrimack Valley Venture Forum (MVVF)
September 8, 2004
Lowell, MA


About the Merrimack Valley Venture Forum (MVVF)
Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources

MVVF is a non-profit organization for entrepreneurs, early- to mid-stage, and mature, operating companies, professional service providers, academia and investors to meet to facilitate business growth in technology sectors, including but not limited to, industrial, medical, information technology and telecom, that are located in the Merrimack Valley Region.  MVVF is committed to assisting emerging technology companies connect with established industry leaders and mid-stage companies to obtain the professional and business guidance to succeed.


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