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Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?

Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?
Invest More In Marketing Than In Engineering To Find Out!

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Proceedings of the IEEE Electro International
By Ralph E. Grabowski

Table of Contents

1 The evidence is in
2 Who needs Marketing?
3 Exactly how much is "more" Marketing?
4 Avoid the pitfalls of the flaming failures
5 Do what the super successes do
6 Go for it!
7 Implications for technology-based enterprises
8 Summary
9 References
   About the author

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Wake-up call
  8 - Summary
Invest more in marketing than in engineering.

Assume that your technology will work, and ask yourself, "Who is going to buy the darn thing?"  Evidence is now available to invest MORE IN MARKETING than in engineering to find out!  The implication for technology-based enterprises is a fundamental shift in management attention and investment commitment toward decisive, up-front marketing.

Engineers know how to develop an engineering budget.  Simply use the engineering budget to establish the size and timing of the up-front marketing budget.

As the engineering investment proceeds, there are known engineering processes, tools, and methods brought to bear.   As the up-front marketing investment proceeds, both entrepreneurs and established companies also use known marketing processes, tools, and methods to achieve success.

Employ the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ process as a fundamental tool for success.


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