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Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?

Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?
Invest More In Marketing Than In Engineering To Find Out!

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Proceedings of the IEEE Electro International
By Ralph E. Grabowski

Table of Contents

1 The evidence is in
2 Who needs Marketing?
3 Exactly how much is "more" Marketing?
4 Avoid the pitfalls of the flaming failures
5 Do what the super successes do
6 Go for it!
7 Implications for technology-based enterprises
8 Summary
9 References
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Figure 1, the relationship of the Marketing(*)/Engineering Investment Ratio™ with success
    (*) excludes promoting and selling
Figure 2, AEA operating ratios
    Marketing+Promoting+Selling as a percentage of sales for established companies, by segment
Figure 3, the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (M/E Ratio™)
Figure 4, Cytyc financing
Figure 5, Cytyc's Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™
Figure 6, time history of Varian's Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™
Figure 7, BD's global success as a result of increasing the M/E Ratio™ to 4
Figure 8, the GO, CAUTION, and WARNING zones of the M/E Investment Ratio™


Copyright © notice 

"Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing?" was originally published in the Proceedings of the IEEE Electro International, June 21, 1995 pages 69-97.

Copyright © 1995-2015, Ralph E. Grabowski.  Copyright © 1995, IEEE Electro International.  Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™, M/E Ratio™, M/E Ratio™ model, MEIR, and MER copyright © 1992-2015 by Ralph E. Grabowski.  Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ data, and grid display format copyright © 1994-2015 by Ralph E. Grabowski.  All rights reserved.


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