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A role model for turnarounds and revivals

The initial use of their new brochure helped Brooks garner industry-wide recognition and top ratings in a Sematech competition for early next-generation cluster tooling buys.

Brooks Automation Brooks as a role model

This is the Icon for Brooks Automation.  It is used to designate a complete Brooks vacuum system.  Here, I will use this Icon to also represent Brooks Automation as a role model.

Brooks' "swoopy" product pictures continued harvesting recognition, making three trade magazine covers.

  1. Solid State Technology (SST)

  2. Microcontamination

  3. Microelectronics Manufacturing Technology (MMT)


Models of the impact of marketing on success 
and lack of marketing on failure

See Brooks Automation profiled in both the group of Flaming Failures and in the Super Successes.


Invited papers, presentations, and articles
a partial list

Grabowski, "The Board of Directors; Vital Partner for a VoC CultureProduct Development and Management Association (PDMA) 9th Annual Voice of the Customer  (VoC) Conference, San Diego CA, December 4-6, 2006 - conference brochure, PDF, 12 pages, 1.9 MB "The Board of Directors; Vital Partner for a VoC Culture"

Grabowski, "Driven By The Data"  Boston University Master Class, Boston, MA, October 22, 2003 and October 15, 2002

Grabowski,   An Approach for Semiconductor Equipment Firms"   Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) in their special issue on Managing in the '90's, September 1997, Vol. 10, No. 7: 8-9.

Grabowski, "Who Is Going To Buy The Darn Thing On The Internet?"  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - IEEE Engineering Solutions Conference, 'From the Desktop to the Internet,' Boston, September 10, 1996.

Grabowski,  "Marketing for Emerging Businesses"  Emerging Business Conference, IEEE Electro/94 Boston, May 10, 1994, Conference Proceedings: 7-36, "Best Paper."

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Grabowski, "Marketing - Essential for Success"  IEEE Entrepreneurs' Network, 1992-1993 Entrepreneurial Sequence, Waltham MA, October 6, 1992.

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