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"Dynamite!" said Bob Therrien of the results.  Bob became a multi-millionaire.

High Yield Investment yield

High Yield is an Icon employed to describe how Brooks' vacuum processing (because of the absence of killer particulates) results in the customer benefit of a higher yield of good semiconductor wafers. 

Here, I will employ this Icon to also represent high yield in the business sense.  Investment in up-front marketing leads to a high yield of good business results.

The annual order rate climbed by two orders of magnitude,  a factor of one hundred, from stagnation under $4 million to more than $.5 Billion.  Brooks' 50 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 1991-1995 was double that of their semiconductor equipment field.  Brooks' 77.5 percent growth in 1996 out-performed their industry's 11.8 percent rate.

Brooks progressed from selling simple robots selling for a few thousand dollars, to complete vacuum systems (cluster tools) selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  As a result, the Average Selling Price (ASP) climbed by two orders of magnitude,  a factor of one hundred.

Brooks leaped from 35 employees, to 3,500;  two orders of magnitude,  a factor of one hundred.

Brooks went public with an IPO in February, 1995; and raised an additional $81 million from the public capital markets in 1997.

The company that they purchased for $2.1 million in 1989 achieved a market capitalization of $1.6 Billion, an eight hundred times increase in valuation; nearly three orders of magnitude.

Ease Of Operation Ease of operation

This Icon is Ease Of Operation.  Used to describe Brooks' products, it communicates the benefit to the operator of easy-to-use.

Here, I will use this Icon to also represent ease of operations in the swift flow of business results and payback.

Basic customer needs and the benefits that Brooks delivered became crystallized, providing customer-oriented direction to engineering.  That direction was vacuum cluster tooling.  By 1997, vacuum products represented 97% of Brooks revenues.

Brooks retains both technology and market leadership in cluster tooling.  For example, Brooks' 1997 design-in share of the vacuum cluster tool market was 43 of the 66 vacuum equipment manufacturers.


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