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I have helped launch new products, companies, and fields 
which have become worth more than ten Billion dollars.

Case studies

I compete on the basis of payback and results delivered.

Marketing is an investment, just as engineering is an investment.  The payback from these investments may be quickly apparent.  Occasionally, it may take time to fully appreciate the payoff.  Since I have been in practice for more than twenty years, many of the results are now clear and the payback can be quantified.

Although my work is confidential, a few companies have agreed to share their payback and results.  I am pleased to welcome the first half-dozen to this web site.

Cytyc case st;udy Cytyc
Startup to $6.2 Billion acquisition.  Motivated multi-million dollar funding to help launch a new biotech field, automated PAP smear preparation.

"Deadly accurate!" customer interviews.  Early Market Research, in advance of engineering, identified profound changes from the initial product concept; steering engineering to create the first significant improvement in cervical cancer screening in over 50 years with 65% more disease detection.

Testimony before Congress resulted in new legislation.

View the case study.

Brooks Automation case study Brooks Automation
Repositioned Brooks for dynamic growth: sales climbed more than 100-fold; from stagnation under $4 million, to more than $500 million.  A $2.1 million investment grew to a market capitalization of $1.6 Billion.

Re-started the marketing department as VP of Marketing.  Crystallized basic customer needs and the benefits that Brooks delivered, providing customer-oriented direction to engineering.

Helped launch a new field, cluster tooling.  "Dynamite!"  

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Phoenix Controls case study Phoenix Controls
VP of Marketing helping to launch a new firm dominating their market.  Aided in the creation of a new field, variable air volume (VAV) control systems.

Steered Phoenix to simple product changes that resulted in decisive market viability, product differentiation, and patents for a defensible position.  "Your key contribution was the Market Research that gave us a handle on where to go."

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Veeco case study Veeco
Primary Market Research to validate a proposed new product saves Veeco  $1 million and 18 months.  Surfaced the facts about the real customer needs - Veeco had the wrong strategy.

View the case study.

Kodak case study Kodak
Employed the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ as a management tool.  Installed methods, processes, and tools for a new opportunity selection process.

"You identified our problem, and our solution, in the first hour!"

View the case study.

Acugen Software case study Acugen Software
Catapulted an entrepreneur to world market dominance in 18 months with no capital and no sales force!  Drove their competitor, with a 50-person sales force, to withdraw.  

"You engineered my secret weapon!"

View the case study.

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