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Kodak case study
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"You identified our problem, and our solution, in the first hour!"

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Results and payback
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"You identified our problem, and our solution, in the first hour that you were here." remarked Kodak's Division General Manager.

He immediately left the room to engage their Human Resources Manager and to fill out job requisitions for people with specific marketing training and skills.  As their first step, Kodak MASD retained a PhD in Marketing.  They were on their way to decisively raising their M/E Ratio™.

The management team now had an "opportunity selection" process; to apply market research resources first, to gather the customer and market data from which to pick the high potential opportunities, to develop a strategy, and to steer their enterprise.

They began growing and began achieving double-digit proifits.  Kodak sold the Division for $91 million.


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