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Phoenix Controls case study

Phoenix Controls case study
"Your key contribution was the Market Research that gave us a handle on where to go."
VP of Marketing launching a new firm dominating their market
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Process, methods, and tools

I performed Primary Market Research to identify fundamental customer needs, executed Competitive Intelligence (CI) to discern customer alternates, and related that to our engineering capabilities.  Armed with an understanding of how chemical fume hoods were really used, I proposed simple product changes that resulted in decisive market viability, and patents(*) for a defensible position.  Product differentiation became dramatically apparent.

(*) United States Patent 4,528,898, Fume hood controller
United States Patent 4,706,553, Fume hood controller

To steer the enterprise and jump start the company:

  • Created payback analysis, pricing, and literature.
  • Built a direct mail promotional campaign for market awareness.
  • Recommended channels of distribution through manufacturer's representatives.
  • Started their first group of prospects through the sales funnel; some of whom became early, major customers.


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