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Veeco case study

Veeco case study
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About Veeco


About Veeco

Veeco Instruments Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of precision Ion Beam Etching and Deposition Process Equipment, Process Metrology, Leak Detection, and X-Ray Fluorescence systems used in the nanotechnology, nanobiology, semiconductor, data storage, telecom/wireless and scientific/research markets.

The Company's global customer base is comprised of leading research institutions as well as leading manufacturers of mass memory storage devices, semiconductors, and flat panel displays, as well as a broad range of industrial products.  Veeco's customers include IBM, Read-Rite, Seagate, Siemens, and Hitachi.

For example, disk drive head manufacturers around the world have long depended on the reliability and repeatability of Veeco's Microetch® ion beam systems for their slider, rowbar, seed layer, MR, and pole trim requirements.

In keeping with its commitment to technological product leadership and growth in each of its product lines, Veeco continually introduces new products designed to provide long-term benefits for its customers, such as increased manufacturing yield, enhanced productivity, improved quality, and reduced cost-of-ownership.

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Click for more information on Veeco process equipment Process equipment
  • ion beam etch
  • ion beam deposition
  • diamond-like carbon coatings
  • physical vapor deposition (PVD)
  • batch and cluster tools
Click for more information on Veeco metrology products Metrology
  • atomic force profilers
  • atomic force microscopes
  • stylus profilers
  • scatterometers
  • optical profilers
  • laser interferometers
Click for more information of Veeco industrial measurement products Industrial Measurement Systems
  • helium mass spectrometer (vacuum) leak detectors
  • X-Ray fluorescence thickness and coating systems
  • small-spot micro x-ray fluorescence (MXRF) systems
  • beta-backscatter plating and coating thickness measurement
  • eddy current plating and coating thickness instrumentation


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