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Veeco case study
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M/E Ratio™, an investment in Marketing

Veeco suffered from an M/E Ratio of .07Veeco suffered from a Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (exclusive of promoting or selling) of 0.07 for this particulate detector project, a model of failure.  While the story is of a Market Research success, the project was a financial failure in the sense that Veeco invested $600,000 and had no return on their investment.  See the investment evidence.

You may recall that I supplied or generated all the customer names.  This, alone, was a serious indictment of Veeco's marketing department.  Veeco sold considerable product into the semiconductor fab front end; the same place where their new particulate detector would be sold.  Yet Veeco's marketing department had neither generated any customer names nor initiated contact with anyone whatsoever in any semiconductor fab about this potential new product!

Veeco's marketing department was overloaded, which is why they gave me this assignment.  Here, again, is another reflection of the lack of budget and staffing of the marketing function.

To Veeco's positive credit, their management recognized the need for additional market research input and took decisive action by bringing me in.  They knew that they had to make an investment decision among several opportunities that was based on facts, not on wishes, and proceeded to (have me) gather the information.

Note that this M/E Ratio™ data point has been narrowly measured on one product at one time in Veeco's history.  That does not mean that Veeco is currently either an overall success or a failure.  This vignette constitutes neither an endorsement nor an indictment by this writer.


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