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Veeco case study

Veeco case study
Saved $1 million and 18 months
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Process, methods, and tools

I started within 48 hours of that phone call, and completed a nationwide Primary Market Research survey in two calendar weeks.

My database of industry contacts is one of my keys to cost-effectiveness and speed.  I supplied or generated all the customer names.  There are a limited number of leading-edge users at the major semiconductor manufacturers.  A special challenge of this project was to 

  • identify these few, 
  • penetrate to them, and
  • capture their respect 

so as to get their time and input inside Veeco's tight schedule.

A broad background in technology enables me to relate to technologists.  Questioning skills developed over forty-seven  years of Primary Market Research experience allow me to elicit customer intent accurately and quickly.

To deliver quality information, I gathered one-half the data by personal interview, traveling around the country to semiconductor fabs.  The balance of the interviews were completed within the deadline by telephone and mail.


The 11 steps©

I quantified customer needs with my unique "11 steps to (Market Research) Heaven™" method.


High market-place dynamics, rapid technology changes

Both because of rapid technology changes in the customer's technology as well as because of the potential for rapid technology changes in the competitors' approaches, I also had to address high market-place dynamics.  In order to do that, I created a market survey methodology which addressed two issues:

  1. Where would the market (the customer technology) be in 18 months?
  2. Where would the competition (and their technology) be in 18 months?

Both customer needs and the competition were quantified 18 months in the future with my "11 steps to (Market Research) Heaven™" method.


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