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Achieve financial and strategic goals for established companies

My focus is on the up-front Marketing process for established, technology-based companies, enabling clients to achieve their financial and strategic goals with strategy based on facts, not on wishes.  A broad background in technology lets me to relate to technologists.  Questioning skills developed over forty-seven years of Primary Market Research experience allow me to elicit customer input accurately and quickly; and to deliver intelligence, analysis, and actionable recommendations:

  • Validate the market for proposed new products and size the opportunity

  • Conduct rigorous Primary Market Research to surface the facts and customer intent

  • Quantify customer needs, payback, buying behavior, and perceptions to furnish detailed, unbiased input and direction for the Marketing, promoting, and selling processes; and for management decisions

  • Guide engineering to the right technology; developing products which deliver benefits that customers wish to spend money to receive, and which result in decisive competitive advantage

  • Relate technology trends and identify future needs

  • Define, refine, and launch new products

  • Develop Competitive Intelligence (CI), pricing, and positioning

  • Establish the segmentation, food chain, and distribution channels

One key is to articulate the value of the technology:

  • to ourselves,

  • to customers to compel purchase decisions,

  • to the sales force as the selling message,

  • to the industry, and

  • to investors

I support the in-place, competent Marketing team in the classic role of a Staff Marketing Consultant.  The client makes the decisions and executes their plans.  My role is make that team look good and to:

  • Deliver independent, objective advice on a timely basis

  • Add to the facts, so that the client can make informed decisions 

  • Bring the Marketing tools, methods, processes, and benchmarks developed from experience and results 

  • Help create the financial and strategic goals for the corporation 

  • Upgrade the organization with teaching, coaching, and staff development


Forty-seven years of marketing experience

I bring forty-seven years of Marketing experience to your team, twenty-three as a Marketing Consultant; supporting the launch of new products and new fields, nationally and internationally, which have become worth more than ten Billion dollars. 

Fortune 500 members have been clients.  Click for Eastman Kodak's results.  See other vignettes of client payback and results. 

I often act as a staff Marketing Consultant to the semiconductor equipment firm, principally because of my seasoning in large ticket capital equipment, and broad experience in the semiconductor field from design through FAB and test.  A special challenge is capturing customer respect in this highly technical field, to be able to surface their intent.  My frequent assignment is Primary Market Research to understand and articulate future customer needs.  For example, see the Veeco and Brooks Automation vignettes.


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