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Real Engineers Believe in Front End Marketing
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Real Engineers  Believe in Front End Marketing
By Thomas J. Vaughan Jr., P.E.

"I believe in the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™; in putting significant resources into the Front End Marketing process to validate real customer needs."

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Why good products fail 
Skimping on market research can prove a fatal flaw

By Robert Weisman, Boston Globe Staff

"BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Engineering firms neglect marketing at their own peril."  From the Sunday Boston Globe Business Section.

"The Grabowski Ratio™, has been a subject of interest in engineering and marketing circles since Grabowski introduced it at a meeting of the MIT Enterprise Forum.

"Marketing, the Bridge for Growing from Engineer to Entrepreneur"
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Marketing, the Bridge
for Growing from 
Engineer to Entrepreneur

Presented at MIT's entrepreneurship program
By Stanley N. Lapidus

"Doing your own marketing research is fun and very, very cerebral.  Marketing mistakes are much more costly than product mistakes.  Take the time to learn your market.

"Keep doing research until you’ve spent as much time studying the market as you have conceptualizing the product and developing the prototype."

There is a fascinating story behind this presentation. While Stan's early engineering efforts were successful, his first forays into entrepreneurship were a failure.  Stan needed a bridge from engineering to entrepreneurship.  Marketing (market research) provided that bridge.

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Marketing -- 
Finding Out What the World Really Wants
(and will pay for)

Editor's Column, MIT Enterprise Forum Reporter
James L. Woodward

"Ralph Grabowski, long time member of the MIT Enterprise Forum, has frequently made the point that you should spend significantly more on this kind of marketing than on engineering.  I've agreed with him in principle and written on the subject in past columns.  Recently, I looked back at my own experience ... and will shape my behavior in the future."

"The Importance of the Selling Process"
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The Importance of the Selling Process
Presented at MIT's entrepreneurship program

By Peter de Bruyn Kops

Acugen Software is propelled from a one-man operation to world market dominance and a multi-million dollar revenue stream in eighteen months - with no capital and no sales force!

"I give credit to Ralph Grabowski for Automated Sequences Of Touches™ and for setting up the sales operation as a manufacturing process."


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