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They said it!



They said it!

They said it!


"Your evidence of the relationship between Market Research and success is right on!"

Michael S. Dell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation.

“A wonderful and captivating talk, clearly articulated from someone who has been there, done that!  I really like how you show how success depends on quantifying wishes, generalities, and vague responsibility statements.

“It’s the only way to survive as a Product Manager, and I am surprised at how desperately it needs to be done for most businesses.  Your stories reminded me of many of my product management experiences at Black & Decker or Playtex or Xerox.”

Sharon Herrman, Product Manager

“Employing his M/E Ratio™, Grabowski can predict success or failure, with great accuracy, in 30 seconds or less.”

Rod Spencer, businessman, engineer, grandson of the microwave oven’s inventor

“You are a magnificent speaker.  You had the entire audience mesmerized."

Robin A. Karol, Ph.D., NPDP, CEO, Product Development and Management Association (PDMA)

"You identified our problem, and our solution, in the first hour that you were here." 

Kodak Division General Manager. 

"You are making a terrific statement to Boards of Directors.  Boards and CEO's will have to look in the mirror and ask themselves your 'twenty questions'!" 

Albert D. Ehrenfried, former Chairman and CEO of Metritape.

“He has very compelling data.”

Gerry Katz, Voice of the Customer (VoC) Conference Chairman

"The message in 'The evidence' is clear, concise, and powerful!  Every company's President, and every member of the Board, should be REQUIRED to look at these results." 

Peter Eggleston, ex-Amerinex Applied Imaging.

"Your methods work!  I am very happy!  I achieved my entrepreneurial goals of rapid growth; from basement startup to a cash-out by acquisition by Tektronix, in less than six years.  Our investors are very happy. 

Paul T. Chang founder of Microwave Logic Inc.

"You engineered my secret weapon!"

Peter de Bruyn Kops, CEO, Acugen Software.



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