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"An Approach for Semiconductor Equipment Firms"

An Approach for
Semiconductor Equipment Firms

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)





Brooks Automation rose from stagnation to dynamic growth.  GCA shut its doors.  Highly visible successes and failures are all around us.  What is the process that leads to successful new products and enterprises, and what process leads to failure?

Pierre Lamond, a veteran of National Semiconductor, proclaimed in 1986, "In the 1970s, it was technological innovation.  Now it's marketing.  What's important is which features you choose to put in your chips, not which ones you're capable of putting there."

Marketing is the up-front process of ascertaining needs that customers are willing to spend money to satisfy, thus guiding engineering to design the right products.  How much shall we invest in marketing to enable success, and when?

A new metric has been developed to answer these questions, the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (M/E Ratio™).

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