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Acugen Software case study

Acugen Software case study

World market dominance in 18 months with no capital and no sales force!
"You engineered my secret weapon!"

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About Acugen Software


About Acugen

Acugen Software is known for its Automatic Test Generation (ATG, ATPG, or ATVG) products.  These tools automatically create test vector patterns for testing semiconductor chips called PAL's (programmable array logic), PLD's and EPLD's (programmable logic devices), FPGA's (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), boundary scan units, and printed circuit boards containing these devices.  These chips are not fully formed at the chip factory.  They have all possible internal connections already made in the form of "fuses" that are intended to be selectively "blown" to make the final circuit.  The customer does the "fuse blowing" with "programmers."  That "fuse blowing" requires high voltages and currents.  PAL's and PLD's have, as a consequence, a high failure rate and require testing at the customer.

Acugen Software was founded in June, 1986 to address test vector generation needs, and has become the market leader in ATG products for the world's leading electronics manufacturers. 

Acugen's product line includes: 

  • test generators to automatically generate high coverage functional test vectors
  • boundary scan tools
  • testability analyzers
  • AC testing with test vectors and timing prediction
  • translators supporting every commonly used tester

Acugen's company philosophy is to focus on the steak rather than the sizzle, namely superior engineering with continual new development and top-quality technical support.  Their goal is to lower customers' test development time, increase the quality of their test results, and speed their products to market faster.  Click here to visit their web site.


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