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Acugen Software case study

Acugen Software case study

World market dominance in 18 months with no capital and no sales force!
"You engineered my secret weapon!"

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M/E Ratio™, an investment in Marketing
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M/E Ratio™, an investment in Marketing

Acugen maintains an M/E Ratio of 1Acugen Software has been profiled as a super success; see the investment evidence.   They have maintained a Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (exclusive of promoting or selling) of 1.  This has enabled them to understand their customers. 

Upstream Marketing impacts downstream selling motion

Frankly, is was only because they understood their customers so well, that I was able to construct a twenty-eight step selling motion and to do so in a short time.  Acugen's upstream marketing investment provided guidance to the downstream selling motion.


Upstream Marketing steers engineering

Primary Market Research determines the benefits that matter to their customers, guiding engineering.  Early Market Research determined that the fundamental customer need was automatic test generation without preload.  PAL's and PLD's have been easier to test by pre-loading internal registers with known data, in a process called preload.  However, preload has required a high voltage state that other circuits, connected together on a PC board, cannot tolerate.  Thus, final PC boards could only be tested without preload.  Competitor's software (DATA I/O's PLD TEST) would not work without preload.

Armed with customer and market data, Acugen Software committed engineering, and developed ATGEN™ software that generated test vectors and delivered high fault coverage without requiring "preload."   

Acugen Software perfected several major technical advantages, delivering benefits that mattered to the customers, and that their competitor was unable to match.  However, technical superiority alone utterly failed to gain Acugen Software either sales or market share.


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