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Acugen Software case study

Acugen Software case study

World market dominance in 18 months with no capital and no sales force!
"You engineered my secret weapon!"

The problem and my assignments
Process, methods, and tools
M/E Ratio™, an investment in Marketing
Results and payback
A role model for startups
About Acugen Software


Results and payback
Financial, strategic, and human results

Results; startup to World market dominance in 18 months, with no capital and no sales force!

Acugen Software
before after 18 months
market share <10 % >80%
annual sales negligible $ multi-million
product price higher doubled
positioning unknown dominant
# sales people 1 zero

positioning dominant non–viable, withdrew
# sales people > 50 > 50


Understanding the structure of large-ticket selling, Acugen Software employed "Automated Sequences of Touches™" using a software analog of the steps a human sales force would take.  The President/entrepreneur achieved his financial and strategic goals without raising capital for a sales force, and freed his time to manage the rest of the business.


  Speedy results: business objectives achieved
Appraisal "You engineered my secret weapon!" said Acugen's founder, Peter de Bruyn Kops.
Jump-start From startup to market dominance in eighteen months - with no sales force.
The entrepreneur Achieved his strategic and financial objectives, retained control, and freed his time
Profit margin Acugen doubled the product price at my recommendation - and made it stick.
Image An image of a company ten to thirty times as large.
Sales technology "Automated Sequences of Touches™" institutionalized good selling and orchestrated the sale.
Sales management Simplified selling motion into a process management task for Acugen's administration.
Their competition Data - I/O withdrew from the market.  Acugen possessed a sustainable competitive advantage.


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