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Kodak case study
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Process, methods, and tools

The program began with the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ as a management tool.

To propagate the M/E Ratio™ as a management tool, I conducted a workshop with the top six of the management team at Kodak MASD in San Diego:

  1. Division General Manager
  2. Vice President of Marketing
  3. Chief Engineer
  4. Director of Operations
  5. Product Manager, and 
  6. Marketing Communications Manager

I created a workbook, beginning with my research data of the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (M/E Ratio™) of successes and failures; to examine the quantity of upstream marketing (market research) at Kodak MASD. 

My twenty questions were added  to probe the relevance of their market research, the caliber of the market research staff, and the quality of their activities.  I included a few published papers from my teaching in market research to expand their awareness of market research methods.

Finally, I developed a "bottoms-up" resource planning mechanism, to enable Kodak MASD to build a market research action plan in synchrony with the "tops-down" M/E Ratio™ tool.


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